In my public speaking course at OTC for our third speech we were to inform the audience on a topic of our choosing. Given this opportunity I chose one of my favorite things to speak on, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I researched the history of it which I had not known yet and more about what each letter meant. I put together an outline for my speech and made sure to cite all my resources. The speech was supposed to be within 6-8 minutes and I came in at 6:34. This is great considering I am most always over time. I also put together some slides to go along with my speech. I am getting slightly less nervous about speaking in public with each speech I give. Below is my outline and slides.

Name: Mya Washam

Topic: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the MBTI and how to take it.

Central Idea: There is a way to understand yourself and others around you.

Mya’s Guide to the MBTI


I. Have you ever wanted to understand yourself better and what makes you tick?

  1. There is a device for that.
  2. Itis called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  3. It is a self questionnaire that reveals your personality type which is composed of four letters.

II. I have spent hours of my own free time researching every type, which there are 16 of.

  1. Within a time frame of knowing someone personally for about a week I could almost always accurately guess what their personality type is.
  2. My favorite resource is

III. The Myers-Briggs is used in work environments as well as classes I have taken.

  1. Knowing how the people around you work can  help you become a more empathetic and understanding person when dealing with others.


I The Myers-Briggs was created by mother and daughter Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs

  1. According to the Myers & Briggs Foundation Katharine was inspired by Carl Jung.
  2. Figuring out which questions to put on the questionnaire.
  3. Publishing by ETS.

II. Explaining what each letter means according to Human Metrics.

  1. What E vs I is.
  2. What S vs N is.
  3. What F vs T is.
  4. What P vs J is.

III. Explaining the grouping of types and why they are grouped according to 16 Personalities.

  1. Traits of Analysts.
  2. Traits of Diplomats
  3. Traits of Sentinels
  4. Traits of explorers.


  1. Where to take the test.
  2. Understanding ourselves can help us become better people.

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