In my public speaking class at OTC we were given the assignment to give a speech demonstrating how to do something or how something works. I chose how to use your right brain in art. Below is the outline for my speech.

Mya Washam

Mr. Lowrance

Public Speaking

September 20, 2018

Our Brains and Art

Specific Purpose Statement:  To inform my audience how to activate your right brain while drawing.

Central Idea Statement: Everyone can learn how to realistically draw when they understand how our brains work.


  1. Discuss my interest in art from a young age
  2. I took an a drawing class at Hobby Lobby where I learned this technique.
  3. I taught a class myself on this topic with good outcome.


  1. Explaining the different sides of the brain
  1. The Roger Sperry story.
  2. The left side.
  3. The right side.

  II. Explaining that all drawing is only lines and shapes.

  1. How to see the lines.
  2. How to see the shapes.

   III. Demonstrating different techniques.

  1. Drawing without looking at my reference.
  2. Drawing using the 90/10 technique.


  1. Explaining why these techniques work
  2. With practice everyone can learn to draw realistically.

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