I have been taking a public speaking class (COM105) at Ozark’s Technical Community College. For our first speech we were supposed to give a brief introduction of ourselves and tie in a story or aspect of our lives. Here is the script I wrote out, I am currently waiting on my instructor to upload the video of me speaking. 

Author Sue Fitzmaurice once said, “You must go on adventures to find where you truly belong.”  I, along with my parents, firmly believe this. My parents have made it their mission to take me to all 50 states before I graduated high school. Currently, I have visited 47 out of 50 states. I’m sure that most of you might be under the impression that we have failed. However, I am still in high school! Look at that plot twist right there. I am in my senior year, however, I have been attending OTC part since last semester. This is in order to prepare myself better for college since I am graduating a year early. So there’s your second plot twist actually! I am supposed to be a junior in high school. I definitely don’t have the normal life of a regular 17-year-old though, starting with where I work. A lot of my friends my age, and I’m sure you can remember working in high school, work in retail or fast food. I work at a payday loan company. What I do there is process loans, and occasionally answer the phone, which I hate. I don’t know how to talk to people, I’m so awkward. It’s quite funny how different my current job is to the one I aspire for. Endgame I would like to be a graphic designer maybe advertising consultant, something along the lines. I plan to attend the University of Tulsa next fall, which has been a goal of mine for years. Another one of my long-term goals is to visit at least 100 countries before I die. I’m already 8% of the way there too. Last fall my grandma bought my mom and I a trip to Europe as a joint birthday gift. It was easy since I’m an only child and I didn’t have to share it with anyone else. We left my dad at home to take care of our pets. We have two cats and four dogs, so he’s kind of a zookeeper! My mother and I went to Spain, France, and Italy along with the two smallest countries in the world! These being Monaco and Vatican City. I am beyond blessed to visit these places and experience different cultures, it makes me, me, and this is who I am. 

Our introductory speech was supposed to be between two and three minutes long with a fifteen second over or under allowance. My speech was three minutes and fifteen seconds. I want to work more on coming in on time, but I always tell myself that over is better than under, I have so much to say.