Who: This was a group lecture-based class lead by Mr. Misterovich. The expert was Mr. Misterovich, he used wikipedia for most of the lecture. I did not receive feedback although we did discuss what we learned.

When: One hour a week, usually wednesdays at 11. It is ongoing and will continue for eight more sessions.


Where: The learning occurred in school, in the “lecture zone”


How: Some people requested world history and more Misterovich lectures. That is how this class came about. I wanted to take this class because I am interested in world history and I really enjoy lectures. I felt that I had not really taken any history classes this year so I thought this would be a good opportunity. I can use the information I learned in this class for trivia games, or to impress others.


Why: I chose to learn these topics because I find them interesting. I chose to learn them in this way because I believe I absorb information best by listening.


What: I learned a lot about ancient civilizations, how we became the humans we are today, some mythology, and conspiracies as to why things happened. Lectures really worked to help me remember what was taught. Listening gives me an opportunity to multi task. I find it easier to understand while doing multiple things at once. I would take notes on the next lecture topic so that I could use them for presentations. Next I would like to do a world religions class.