I participated in U.School’s second annual film fest. Along with my friends and classmates, Dani and Lydia we created a film together. We were given a list of prompts to include in our film.

Line of dialogue: “You can’t cheat if there aren’t any rules”

Props: Quarter, A greeting card

Plot element: Must include a brush with tragedy

Location: Must include Downtown Springfield

Technical Requirement or Limitation: Close up on eyes at least three seconds


Length: Running time, including titles no longer than 5:00 minutes


We worked together to come up with a story line and a list of shots we wanted to capture to tell the story. At first we thought that this film was going to be a bit on the dramatic and sad side, but in the end it became more of a jab at “angsty teen culture” Overall I was pleased with how the film turned out. We took one day to discuss what we wanted the film to be about, two days to film, and one day to edit the film. I think we did a great job of managing our time and completing the requirements. This was a fun learning experience and I cannot wait for next year.