On January 9th 2018 I got accepted to take classes at Ozarks Technical Community College. I filled out a form about myself and submitted it then waited for an email back. Once I received my acceptance email and login details I logged into MyOTC  account and searched through the course catalog to find what class I’d like to take. I then registered for the STAR orientation program which is a two and a half seminar held at OTC for incoming students. I completed the self assesment for math and English placement, the prescription drug abuse program which teaches you how to notice the signs and what to do.

On Friday January 12th I went to OTC at  8:45 to attend the STAR registration program which started at 9 and lasted until 11:30. There we went over what all is offered at OTC and how the staff can help you with your schooling. I registered for ART 115: 2D design while at the program  and secured my seat. I then purchased the required textbook and art supply kit.

I chose to apply for a class at OTC because I would like to get some college experience before I go. I also believe it would look good on my list of achievements as well as the knowledge of exploring in different art mediums.