Reader Response

I would not want to live in the world of this story. It sounds as if the government’s idea of “equality” is cruelty and suffering. In my opinion I still see how there is inequality in this world. You could argue that no one is equal because everyone has different handicaps and some have none. How is that fair? I don’t believe you can ever reach true equality in traits and personalities, but we could in the way we treat each other.



This story almost seems like a dig at feminists to me. Because what a feminist wants is equality for all genders. In this story that is what has happened, every single person is equal, but portrayed in a bad light. Almost as if the author is saying “This is what you want?” This idea seems very plausible to me considering the handicap general, the antagonist is a woman as well. It’s as if this was all her idea and that “crazy feminist” ideas should be disregarded.


Social Class

There is not much social class in this story as everyone is equal. Although, I wonder how they keep everyone’s houses equal and fair. Are families allowed to have larger homes if they have multiple children or are they even allowed to have more than one? Because that could be seen as unfair. I wonder if all the houses look the exact same inside and out and if the more handicaps you have the uglier you house is. The only social hierarchy in this story is the handicap general. She seems to hold a lot of power over everyone and is shown to be respected. I wonder what her house would look like.



It would be difficult for any of the characters in this story to have their own deep thoughts considering the government is listening to them at all times. Have they eradicated depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and all the other mental illnesses in this equal world? It would be hard to cure someone by just playing a loud, disturbing sound in their head every time they had a bad thought. Because mental illness doesn’t just affect your thoughts, but also how you’re feeling physically. In this world I would not be surprised if they took people away or executed them if they had some mental illness so that they would not disturb this perfect society that has been created.