I participated in U.school’s 48 hour film fest. We were given from 9:30 on Monday November 27th to 9:30 on Wednesday Novmeber 29th to complete a film that was exactly four minutes and twenty two seconds. We were put into random groups, I was in a group with Blake, Finn, and Jacob. We were given the theme “underdog” I thought that the theme was very difficult to come up with a film idea for. Its a very broad topic and hard to not create a corny film where someone who’s an “underdog” ends up happily ever after. It took us roughly an hour and a half to finally come up with what we wanted our film to be about. In my opinion that is the most difficult part. Our process on this film was a bit unconventional. We didn’t exactly plan out a shot list, but sort of just captured what we thought would convey the story best and came up with ideas on the spot.  We finished filming at about three on Tuesday then Blake put it all together, added music, and narration. I was incredibly happy with the final product and it was a very fun expereince.