From March to August 2017 Ellie Morrissey and I partnered to manage the Facebook and Instagram of Acacia Spa. Acacia Spa is a day spa in Springfield, Missouri.

What our job entailed was creating posts for their Facebook and Instagram to promote their business and draw in more customers. We had a weekly meeting to go over what they had in mind and how we could make it happen. We spent time taking pictures of products in their boutique and their courtyard. We organized a photo shoot with a woman who worked there to model the clothes found at the spa. We used the service Dropbox to share the photos we took with Richard and Allyson (the owners) They created folders for pictures they approved to be posted and moved our photos we took to that folder once they went over them. I feel that I learned some very helpful skills from this experience. I learned what it is like to work for clients who have specific wants and how to collaborate with others in a work environment.


Below are a few posts I made for Acacia Spa’s Instagram and Facebook