As a personal desire to do so I created necklaces using supplies I bought myself from Hobby Lobby and Michaels and pieces from mother nature. I got the idea when I spotted some very small doll glass jars at Hobby Lobby. I love tiny things and I immediately thought it would be neat to display little dried flowers in the jars.  I went outside of my house and picked some small flowers I found pleasing and pressed them in a large book of mine. I typically wait two to three days before removing plants I have pressed so that they are nice and dry and won’t continue to wilt and break. In the meantime I went to Michael’s and bought silver chains and hooks for the necklace and what will keep the jars intact. I used tweezers to place the flowers in the jar because they were so tiny I couldn’t grab them with my fingers! I bought hooks with a sharp end that would

be able to stick into the cork of the jars. I simply slipped the jars onto the chain and clasped it around my neck. It was very simple to complete, but I really enjoyed creating them and wearing them because I made them and am very proud that I could do that.