Recently I have conducted interviews of dog owners downtown along with other students. This information is put into article form and will be published in the first issue of DWNTWN magazine.



Zoe can be found at Db Design Salon & Gallery which is a beauty salon on Campbell across the street from Inspired Boutique. Zoe is a morkie which is a mix of a maltese and a yorkshire terrier. Her owners adopted her when she was only nine weeks old. She enjoys coming to the studio often and staring out the window at people walking by. Duane, her owner tells us that people recognize her all the time outside of the salon, she’s quite the celebrity. She had a photograph done of her and put in a local magazine called Ozark Exposure. Zoe loves traveling and even rides on airplanes! You can often see her sitting next to a painting made of her when she was a bit younger. She loves new people and greeted us at the door by jumping up and down and wagging her silky tail. Duane says that when customers leave she often follows them to the door and barks at them from her windows, she doesn’t want them to leave!



Winston is a happy little pug born on April 16, 2017. He loves eating carrots and broccoli, especially if they’re steamed. He also likes taking walks downtown and meeting new people everywhere he goes! The only things he doesn’t like are people running or riding bikes. His owners are Dan Griffin of Springfield iPhone Repair and his girlfriend. The two adopted Winston from a local family after hearing about them in march. They knew right away that Winston was the dog for them the first time the met him. Dan says that Winston started licking him and his girlfriend while all the other puppies could care less. Picture is taken from Winston’s Instagram page, @thepug_winston where you can find many adorable photos of Winston’s many adventures.