On May 23rd 2017 I planted seven sweet pepper seeds in a very small plastic pot. Since then I have transfered them twice to bigger pots. I water them everyday to every three days and they are placed in direct sunlight. I never water them past 7:30 at night because I’ve heard that plants don’t like going to bed with wet feet. I used some dirt I found in a trash barrel full of it we use for all our plants. I never used any kind of supplement on them or chemical. The seven plants grew together to form four stalks. In late August I started noticing little white blooms and soon those blooms turned into small green peppers. I currently have about two edible-sized peppers and am hoping to grow more! My peppers in their “second stage” in the medium pot
My largest pepper with a smaller one growing next to it. 

My second largest pepper with another blooming underneath.