On August 24th, 2017 I along with 6 other friends designed a scavenger hunt for our other classmates to complete. Our list was composed of 20 different achievements. Some sweet like give a flower to a stranger and some obscure like yell “Take turkeys off the menu” 10 times. The first team to achieve 20 items off of the other teams lists and do them correctly won. My team “tied” with another. I’m not quite sure as to why considering we got back first and completed 20 items correctly. Below is our list that we wrote and pictures of us completing scavenger hunt actions.



1.Get a picture with an employee of somewhere other than u.school

  1. Moonwalk across a crosswalk


  1. Yell “Marco” at the square until somebody outside your group yells “polo” back


  1. Find a brown dog


  1. Do jump and jacks where the watershed building used to be (watch out for needle’s)


  1. Give a flower to a stranger

7.Bottle flip at founders park

  1. Human pyramid at the square


  1. Create a poster of your choice at the little Theater


  1. Take a picture in front of the painted butterfly wings


  1. Stop, drop and roll while singing “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys (Anywhere)


  1. Find a dead bird (We swear there is one and it’s near school)


  1. Boogie in front of the Boogie


  1. Try something on from Inspired Boutique


  1. Get a stranger’s autograph


  1. Take a picture of an “old timey” mural


  1. Have somebody on your team carry someone else on your team like a baby for at least a block


  1. Do a conga line on the train tracks (the inactive one)


  1. Stand outside of a restaurant and chant “GET TURKEY OFF THE MENU!” ten times


  1. Do a jumping photo with a majority of your group present


Scavenger hunt photos

Take a photo with another group
Pose by a puddle
Take a picture with the skyline Pose like statues in Founder’s Park Take a photo at Hurts Donuts